FASH TALK | Life Of A Stylist


Lately I am getting a lot of questions about how I became a fashion stylist, what I am doing etc. In response of these questions I decided to write a post about it, so I can take you a day in to the life of a stylist. Thank you for all the extra questions I got through social media. Read further where I answer your questions!

1. How did you come up with the idea to become a stylist?
I was always into fashion. As a kid I always I wanted to wear my own sets of clothing, being the ”rare fashionista” on high school, till going to a real fashion school. Styling was something I always did for myself, friends and family. I think everyone has a gift in this life and I think mine is having attention for styling.

2. How does a day go if you have a booking?
If someone wants to book me I always check the mood board. What does the client want, which style, where is it for, can I do something with it? Then you have to fix the styling! I am doing this at the sponsored webshops/stores. On the day of the styling I take everything with me in my suitcase and go to the location. On set, I give the model the clothing and make every detail perfect. Because this is what you want; a perfect final result. I’m always excited to see the pictures. Your work, your styling.. it is and stays amazing!

3. Do u only style for women or also for men?
I am also styling men, the only thing is that I don’t have it on picture, I definitely want to capture that in the future. So The Styling Iron focuses def on men!

4. Did you study a special styling education?
No, I studied Fashion Measure Clothing but no specific styling education. I am following the assignment in which style it has to be, but I am always giving it my own twist. Through the years you learn a lot and getting better at it. I also worked behind the scenes for a webshop by doing the styling for all the models.

5. What are your favorite (web)shops?
I love boutique’s, shops and webshops with a unique collection. I am shopping a lot online because it’s easy there to find the unique items. But at the end it’s always how you combine the items.
Shops: River Island, Zara, Monki, de Bijenkorf, MyOhMy, H&M, Forever21, Bershka.
Webshops: ASOS, StyleRepertoire, MissGuided, MissyEmpire, PublicDesire, NetAPorter.

6. Since when you officially began as a stylist?
Since November 2015 I am registered at the Kamer van Koophandel. 1 year now yay!

7. Where do you get your inspiration from and do you have a person you look up to?
My inspiration comes from everywhere, this could be the city when I am going for a walk, interior, social media, catwalk shows and magazine’s. If I have an idea it just pops out, and then I want to work my idea out. I don’t have a specific person I look up to but everyone who follows his/her dream and thinks it will work on their own way; you go!

8. Are you nervous or stressing before you going to a shoot?
I had this on my first shoot but once you’re there, and you know you can do it everything is cool. Since this first experience I don’t stress before I go to a shoot anymore, with the right prep everything will be fine.

9. What are your future plans?
Expanding The Styling Iron; keep blogging but more assignments like clip shoots.

10. What was the best styling shoot and why?
BALLINNN x Monica Geuze. It was a great team and a nice chance for me. It’s extra nice to hear from everyone how that they love your styling!

Do you want to book me? Mail: info@thestylingiron.com