FASH TALK | Marmont Belt

I have been eyeing this famous ”Instagram belt” for months. Sold out everywhere and my size doesn’t even make it to the stores because it’s so small, ugh. That means there is one more option left: online ordering. It was a pre-order so I have waited 4 weeks, but then this beauty finally arrived. I can say that I am more than happy with it. It’s a timeless belt. You may know I only wear gold, so the black and gold combo is perfect for me.

I can combine this with almost everything. The belt makes your outfit so much prettier! I already combined it with a skirt and a highwasted denim. In the summer I’ll wear it on my waste with a cute loose dress. For the winterdays I was thinking about a oversized sweater with the belt on the waist. I will wear the belt only on my waist I guess, all my denims are highwasted. You’ll see that this belt will pop by a lot #sorrynotsorry <3